You Have Funded

Dreamdrops has been supporting children since 2005.
Thank your for your continued support, below are some of the wonderful donations and highlights for 2021:

Current and Ongoing Projects

    • refurbishing a room for children with Mental Health problems in the A&E department
    • providing a new programme for children who have to carry out daily physiotherapy sessions to assist their breathing
    • developing The Collins Club
    • supporting the updating of the A&E for paediatrics and

Past projects

  • the refurbishment of SCBU
  • 3D pain distraction unit for use in the community
  • Feeding chair and foot stall for Holly Ward to allow mothers to feed their babies in comfort
  • Oxygen monitoring kit to allow children’s oxygen levels to be monitored in their own homes
  • Diabetic day camp for 30 children
  • Distraction unit to help brain damaged babies in the special care baby unit
  • Portable DVD players for siblings to keep them occupied while waiting on the ward for their brothers and sisters
  • Toys for the waiting area
  • A camcorder to help speech and language therapists with their early bird programme for parents of pre-school autistic children
  • A colourful and friendly assessment kit, sensitive to the needs of autistic children from different cultures and who have English as an additional language
  • Sensory Toys for children who are cared for in the community
  • A Christmas tree and lights for the sensory garden
  • Makaton Signing and other equipment to help children with speech and learning difficulties in the community
  • A TV and fridge for the Parents Room on Holly Ward
  • Sensory toys for children with learning difficulties
  • An anatomical bear to teach children about their treatments
  • Thanks to the Co-operative Society in St. Ives we now have another 3D pain distraction unit on the ground floor of Holly Ward
  • Toys for the Waiting Room
  • The Community Book Pledge has purchased 60 books for the patients and their brothers and sisters to read on Holly Ward and Dreamdrops has also added to the books collection with another 30 books.  We currently have a new Community Book Pledge adding to this well loved stock of books. Marie Gleed has already raised £600 as at November 2015.  This is thanks to Marie and local businesses and organisations.
  • Thanks to St. Neots St. Marys Rotary Club and Peterborough and Huntingdon Building Society we now have 2 nebulisers to help children in the community.
  • Refurbishment of the Teenage Room providing new desks, lockers, chairs, nintendo and play stations for teenagers.
  • Portable saturation monitors to help children in the community and also for neo-natal babies.
  • Strollers for Holly Ward
  • The Diabetes Camp to be held in 2015 to help children with diabetes and help with diabetes group activities
  • A billiblanket which is a portable phototherapy device for the treatment of neonatal jaundice for the babies who use Holly Ward
  • Buzzy’s and wings which are small distraction units for use when taking blood samples for the children who use Holly Ward
  • Comfortable chairs for Holly Ward
  • New Wendy House/Cabin for the Outside Activity Area at Outpatients, Children’s Unit
  • Refurbishment of parents/staff kitchen on SCBU
  • Two Transcutaneous billirubinomonitor one each for  SCBU and Holly Ward assessment areas which will prevent the need for the standard NHS treatment of a blood test for many of the babies.
  • A mini fridge to store mothers milk for their babies on SCBU
  • Toys and a TV for the children who use the Emergency Department
  • Specialist toys to aid the clinicians developmental assessment of preschool but also primary school aged children for the Community Paediatricians based at the Oak Tree Centre
  • Pictures and new mattress for the Parents Room on SCBU
  • A fridge and coloured cutlery for the ‘inbetween meals’ on Holly Ward
  • Refurbishment of the MH Assessment Room on Holly Ward
  • With the help of the James Dyson Foundation, the King of the Belgian Pub in Hartford and the Fundraising Committee the wards have new Dyson fans to help the patients and their families during the current heatwave
  • A freezer so that the children can have ice creams and ice pops